Steam Boiler Feed Pump, Glasgow, 1912

Vertical steam boiler feed pump made by Weirs Ltd of Cathcart, Glasgow and used on the naval ship HMS Agincourt. The Agincourt, a dreadnought battleship, was originally commissioned by Brazil and would have been called the Rio de Janeiro, but for political reasons was sold while under construction to the Ottoman Empire instead. The Ottomans renamed her the Sultan Osman I, but when the Great War broke out the ship was seized by the British military authorities and put into service as the Agincourt. The Turks resented the loss, and never got their money back.

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G and J Weir Ltd
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1912 · HM Navy · HMS Agincourt
1912 · Caldwell and Co Ltd · Cruickness Road, Inverkeithing, Scotland
height: 3660mm
cast iron, mild steel, bronze, gunmetal
G + J Weir Ltd Cathcart: Glasgow. When ordering spare parts quote No18114 MNFD 1912
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