Roman statue head

The head of a Roman statue from the Croy Hill Roman fort on the Antonine Wall. It is presumed to depict a young man due to his beardlessness and full head of hair. Who exactly it represents is unknown, though there were altars at Croy Hill dedicated to Mars and to the Nymphs. The style of carving suggests Celtic influence, and the figure could be a local god co-opted by the invaders, as was common.

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Made by:
6th Legion Imperial Roman Army
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Imperial Roman Army · Croy Hill Fort, Antonine Wall · 139-155 AD. Croy Hill was one of a series of forts on the 37 mile long Antonine Wall, which marked the Northern Frontier of the Roman Empire for a few decades.
height: 270mm
width: 300mm
depth: 262mm
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