Charging Barrow

Used for ‘charging’ scrap metal into the furnaces of Motherwell’s Lanarkshire Steel Works, this barrow is similar to those used in pig iron works of the time such as Summerlee and Coltness.

The steelworks manager who donated this barrow recalled that the steelworkers used it as a model when they needed to make new barrows.

The Lanarkshire Steel Works at Flemington was founded in 1889. It made a wide variety of steel productions until taken over by Colvilles, after which it concentrated on making large steel sections such as girders. The works closed in 1978.

Museum reference:
On display:
Summerlee Museum: Exhibition Hall
Associated with:
Lanarkshire Steel Co Ltd · Lanarkshire Steel Works, Flemington, Motherwell, Scotland
height: 1640mm
width: 2290mm
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