Volunteer Force Certificate, First World War

Samuel Brown was a miner at Stane Colliery, near Shotts, before emigrating to America for work in 1913. After the outbreak of the First World War he seems to have returned to Shotts. This was issued to him in thanks for his service as part of the Lanarkshire Volunteer Regiment, one of the many part-time militia regiments formed for the purposes of home defence during the War.

The Volunteer Training Corps mostly consisted of those who were either too old or because of work reasons (such as reserved occupations) could not be part of the normal Army but wanted to contribute to the military effort. As part of the Lanarkshire Volunteer Regiment, Samuel would likely have combined his job as a miner with requests to guard different sites of strategic importance such as railway depots or munitions factories.

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Secretary of State for War
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Brown, Samuel · Shotts · Mr Brown's father was also Samuel Brown, who worked at Stane Colliery before moving to America in 1913. After the outbreak of WWI he returned to Shotts to sign up for the Volunteers. He stayed in Shotts thereafter and joined the Masonic Lodge in 1922.10.
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Volunteer Force to L/Cpl Samuel Brown
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