Conventicle Order of Service, Shotts, 1924

Order of Service for a conventicle at Darmead on the 14th of September, 1924. Darmead, on Auchterhead Muir, was the site of conventicles during 'the Killing Time' of the 1680s and was the location of the 11th convention of the covenanter United Societies in 1683. There is a memorial, erected in the 1800s, to mark the location. The front cover of the document lists the names of (Richard) Cameron, (Donald) Cargill and (James) Renwick, Covenanter preachers who were killed in the 1680s and subsequently venerated as martyrs for Presbyterianism. The psalms listed all have significance as hymns associated with the Covenanting movement. The presiding minister, Rev. J. McNicoll Ramsay, was the minister at Kirk O'Shotts 1904-1934.

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Covenanters Movement · Auchterhead Muir, Darmead-Lin · Found amongst items belonging to the donor's aunt. Darmead was the location of a large coventicle held on the date 1683/11/23 during the killing times.

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