Hydraulic Pump for Tensile Testing Machine

This very powerful three-throw hydraulic pump and connected electric motor powered a tensile testing machine for testing the strength of steel.

The electric motor turned the shaft of the pump, driving three small diameter rams that pressurised water. This pressure was then transferred by pipe to the test house of the steelworks, where it was used to power the machinery.

The pump is Scottish. It was built by Grant, Ritchie and Co of Kilmarnock, a well-known firm that made colliery equipment as well as machinery for the steel industry. The electric motor was made by the British Westinghouse Company whose works were at Trafford Park, Manchester.

Museum reference:
Made by:
Grant, Ritchie and Co
Place Made:
On display:
Summerlee Museum: Outside Display
Associated with:
Mossend Iron and Steel Co · Mossend Iron and Steel Works, Bellshill, Scotland
Colvilles · Glengarnock Steel Works, Kilbirnie, Scotland
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