'Derby Scheme' armband, 1915

Khaki 'Derby Scheme' armband with red Crown motif sewn on. Thought to relate to Trooper Archibald Millar, from Motherwell.

The 'Derby Scheme' was introduced by the British Government in 1915 in an attempt to reverse falling volunteer numbers. The idea behind it was that volunteers would be placed on a reserve list until needed. These armbands were worn by civilians to indicate they had volunteered and were awaiting a call-up. This had the positive effect of deflecting any negative attention from 'White Feather Girls' and others that they were shirking their patriotic duty. It was not as successful as had been hoped for - around 40% of single men and over half of married men did not enlist. Conscription was introduced the following year.

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Millar, Archibald · Sawmill, Hamilton St, Motherwell

height: 100mm
width: 185mm
depth: 11mm
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