Walter Newbold MP election pamphlet, 1923 General Election

Pamphlet for J T Walter Newbold MA, Communist Party canididate for Motherwell at 1923 General Election. He had won the Motherwell constituency the previous year. Lancashire-born Newbold was the first Member of Parliament in Britain to be elected standing as a Communist Party candidate. Marjory Neilson Newbold - his wife - was probably better known locally, having been as prominent campaigner with the Independent Labour Party (ILP) in Wishaw. Newbold lost his seat in 1923 to Hugh Ferguson, an 'Independent Unionist' who was prominent in the Orange Order.

Museum reference:
Made by:
K Cameron and Company Printers
Place Made:
Times Office, Hope Street, Motherwell
On display:
In Storage: Museums
height: 275mm
width: 208mm
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