'Shanklin' miner's carbide lamp, 1920s-30s

Carbide lamps operate by burning acetylene gas, which is created by dissolving calcium carbide with water. Water in the top chamber is dripped into the lower one to create acetylene, with a small lever adjusting the water (and therefore gas) flow. They are much brighter than older cruzie lamps, but can still ignite firedamp. This cap lamp belonged to Thomas McIntyre (1921-1996) from Motherwell, who worked at the Shields Colliery in Motherwell after leaving school at the age of 14.

Museum reference:
Made by:
Shanklin Manufacturing Company Ltd
Place Made:
Springfield, Illinois
On display:
In Storage: Museums
Associated with:
1921 - 1996 · McIntyre, Thomas
Shields Colliery · Motherwell

height: 95mm
width: 42mm
depth: 75mm
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