Locomotive Steam Crane, 1940s

This crane was used at Dalzell Steel Works in Motherwell where it ran on railway track. It could lift up to 20 tons at a time which enabled it to lift freshly-cast heavy steel ingots. It was built by Marshall, Fleming and Co at their Dellburn Works in Motherwell in 1944. The design is much older but the wooden patterns had been kept so that a new crane could be built to meet high demand during the Second World War. Those patterns are still preserved in the museum collection.

Museum reference:
Made by:
Marshal Fleming and Co Ltd
Place Made:
On display:
Summerlee Museum: Outside Display
Associated with:
Colvilles Ltd · Clydebridge Steel Works, Rutherglen, Scotland
Dalzell Steel Works, Motherwell, Scotland
cast iron, steel, brass
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