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Website Launch

Welcome to the new CultureNL Museums Collections Website.

We care for and share the stories of North Lanarkshire’s lives past and present. Home to a collection dating from Roman times to the present day, including one of the finest industrial history collections in Scotland. It was awarded ‘Recognition’ status by the Scottish Government due to its local, regional and national importance in preserving the history of Scotland as one of the most significant centres of heavy industry in Britain. 

A New Website for a New Era

In May 2017 we embarked on a major new project to transform public access to the collection. The project focussed on developing a new CultureNL Museums website. It was made possible through funding from the Museums Galleries Scotland National Recognition Fund.

The main ambition of the project was to allow the public to browse the collections to discover new and unexpected connections through stories, subjects, themes and mapping. We aimed to link the collections to deeper related information like audio and video content. This ‘story-telling’ aspect, with relationships to other types of information, attempts to create an easy, natural and enjoyable experience for the public.

  A Collection Story Page

The Collection Stories

Our main focus initially was to get a representative sample of Collection ‘Stories’. These ‘Stories’ aim to give the public an insight into the collection from a different point of view. We wanted the public to discover how different objects relate to each other and to the wider history of North Lanarkshire.

 Lots and Lots of Pictures

Another major focus of the project has been the digitisation and photography of our collections. The emphasis was placed on the quality of information and visual appeal rather than quantity of object records. For the project in the region of 3,000 objects will be made available on the website which is 10% of the entire collection each with an image. These objects will cover keys items in the Recognised Collection and major collection categories. This will be the first time many of these objects have been made available to the public. And this is only the beginning; we will eventually have all of our collections digitised; numbering some 27,000 records.

Object Record Page

Explore the Collection

You will also be able to explore the Collection by browsing on a variety of themes from Sport and Cinema to Mining and  Steel. On an individual object page we hope to bring objects to life by giving you access deeper related information like audio and video content. Object images can also be shared on social media. Due to our relatively high resolution imagery, users can also use a zoom tool to get a close up view of the images.

 Explore Our Streets

This mapping feature allows the public to explore the collection by mapping where an object either came from or is associated with. The mapping feature is intended to give the public a better understanding of how the Collections relate both to North Lanarkshire and its surrounding areas and the wider world.

 What’s next?

We are very excited about the new website. We are now able to enter into a new era at CultureNL Museums; opening up the collections to the public. This is only the start of our journey and we want to build on this with your help. If you have a story you would like us to tell please get in touch. You can email us at

 Special thanks to the talented team at Surface Impression whose hard work helped to get us where we are now. And also to our Recognised Collection Project Officer, Sheila Asante and Digitisation Volunteer, Rita Lamarra. 

We hope you enjoy exploring the site and we’d love to hear what you think of it so please email us with any comments or suggestions for improvement.

CultureNL Curatorial Team