'Calderbank Reflections'

Landscapes of Water

Saturday 5 September – Sunday 1 November

Please note: this exhibition has now closed

Summerlee Museum

Summerlee Museum presents an exhibition of work by artist, Lesley Banks which beautifully captures the magnificent coastal and inland waterways of Scotland.

The coastal work on display expands on her previous, Creative Scotland, funded Canal Residency – Gongoozler. As canals begin and end their journey into the gateway of the sea, Lesley has broadened her perspective to include Scottish coastlines.

In contrast to the calm surface water of canals these vast coastal vistas offered Lesley a very different challenge. Dramatic rocky jagged outcrops stretch out to the sea at Castle Lachlan in Argyll. The rhythmic sound of the waves a constant background hum to the seagull screams.

In comparison, Lesley’s work on the Monkland Canal focus solely on the surface of the water with light, pattern and colour filling the canvas from edge to edge. Reflections are captured as are nature’s detritus floating on slow almost static soft edged stretches of water. The layers of the canal contain the world in reverse – sky and landscape come together to produce new abstractions.

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