Dalziel Curling Pond, 1900s

Rhyme and Reason

14 September – 9 November
North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre

Explore the world of our local poets. Investigate what inspired them to put into verse their thoughts and feelings on all aspects of life down through the ages. Everybody is a poet, or so it seems.

The miner, the housewife, the steelworker, the miller – all have a message to convey in their own inimitable, rhythmic style. From romance, escapism and idealism to politics, current affairs and the mundane, gritty reality of everyday events, there is a poem for every occasion.

Let us not forget the humourists who lighten our mood with their witty ditties, limericks and clever, or not so clever, play on words. Everybody is a poet, and there is a poem here for everyone.

North Lanarkshire’s archival photographs and museum artefacts highlight the lives and works of our poets.

School workshops for primary and secondary pupils available. Contact 01236 638460 to book.