Motherwell Police Station, around 1930 Motherwell Police Station, around 1930

Policing North Lanarkshire: Motherwell & Wishaw Burgh Police

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The Motherwell area was part of Lanarkshire Constabulary from 1857. In 1914 it was decided that Motherwell should have its own Burgh Police Force, due to be established on 15 May 1915. Inspector Annand of Lanarkshire was selected as Constabulary Chief Constable on an annual salary of £250.

A new set of cap badges, helmet plates, buttons, belt buckles and other uniform accessories was purchased and produced. They were never used. After the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 came a Government decision to scrap these plans under emergency war legislation and the formation of Motherwell Burgh Police Force was never completed.

Motherwell and Wishaw combined for local government purposes in 1920. Motherwell & Wishaw Burgh Police was officially established with 70 officers in 1930. WPC Jean Hamilton was one of the first serving policewomen in Motherwell, joining Motherwell & Wishaw Burgh Police around 1930. In the early years, females weren’t issued with police uniforms. WPC Hamilton wore a uniform later in her career but as only three sizes were available it was far too big for her! She served during the war but gave up her post afterwards. She never married and used to sleep with her baton by her bedside.

Motherwell and Wishaw amalgamated with the other Burgh Police Forces to become Lanarkshire Constabulary once again in 1967. By this time, the number of police officers had more than doubled to 154.


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