Ravenscraig: the Power Station

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Situated between the vast expanse of coke ovens and the famous gas and cooling towers, Ravenscraig Power Station was the control centre responsible for all power and fuel resources distributed across the entire works.

Former Ravenscraig worker Alex Torrance speaking here in 2016 recalls an incident in the Power Station in the 1970s that left a large area of Lanarkshire without power.

The Power Station at Ravenscraig, seen here beyond the cooling towers.

The Power Station at Ravenscraig, seen here beyond the cooling towers.

One of the largest industrial stations in Scotland, Ravenscraig Station included boilers, electrical generating plant, furnace blowers and high-tension switchgear which could be used to distribute power not only to Ravenscraig but also throughout Dalzell Works, Lanarkshire Steel Works and Clyde Alloy Steel Works. A turbine plant operated two large turbo-blowers delivering super-blasted air to the blast furnaces.

And in the auxiliary plant a centrifugal driven water pump circulated 24,885 gallons of water per minute.   The cooling towers, which dominated the Motherwell skyline, produced condensation using the natural draught method and had a capacity of 1,200,000 gallons per hour.

The Power Station mainly utilised gas produced from the blast furnaces, held in the icon Ravenscraig emblazoned blue tower, but also had the facility to use coke gas and oil.


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