Colouring-in Fun!

To download these colouring-in sheets just right-click on your PC and Save Picture or do a long-press on a mobile device. Have fun!

‘Gibb & Hogg’ Locomotive

First up we have a steam loco. You can see this steam train in the Exhibition Hall at Summerlee Museum, but can you tell which town it was made in?

The Vulcan

We love the canal at Summerlee. Do you know why the boat there is famous? You can find the answer here. Can you spot any wildlife in the picture?


Everybody loves Summerlee’s famous trams. We think this tram could do with a new coat of paint – what colour will you make it?

An Engineer

Engineers are people who make things. This man is an engineer and he is standing next to his lathe. This is a machine engineers use to make things. It has lots of complicated bits to colour in so be careful!